Billboard Speaks To Lexington's Secular Community

Sep 18, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A billboard posted on Wilhite Drive off New Circle Road is getting a few second glances from area drivers. The advertisement heralds Lexington’s first Freethought Convention.

It’s not a common sight in the nation’s so-called “Bible Belt”: a 10 X 36 foot billboard aimed at non-believers. The sign, featuring a mountain sunrise background, reads “Don’t believe in God? Join the club.” Placed by the Bluegrass Coalition of Reason, a collection of various skeptic groups, the sign will stay up through Columbus Day. Clay Maney is a coordinator for the organization. He says reaction in person has been positive, but reception online is a different story.

"In email and on Facebook forums, as you might imagine, it's been very mixed. Some people have been very supportive. Some people have been very stridently opposed," he says.

The sign is the second Kentucky billboard paid for by the United Coalition of Reason. The first was in Louisville in 2010.