Bill Would Mandate CPR Training For Ky. High School Students

Jan 14, 2014

Every Kentucky high school student would be required to undergo CPR awareness training under a new bill to be filed by state Rep. Jeff Greer.

Using the strains of the BeeGee’s "Stayin’ Alive" to set the tempo, Henry Clay Senior Will Freeman provided a demonstration of the basics of CPR Tuesday at the Capitol.

It was part of the announcement of a bill which would mandate the training for every high schooler in Kentucky. Rep. Greer says the simple skill could save lives in a state which sees more 4,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests every year.

"I think if other states are doing it and we're not when we have a probably greater need than other states, we need to do this, not only for our citizens but I think it gives our students a sense of accomplishment," Greer says.

Those students would not be certified in CPR, but Greer argues knowledge of the basic chest compression procedure can aid many as bystanders wait for emergency medical help to arrive.

Greer says no extra budget requests are attached to the bill and he foresees plenty of other organizations stepping up to provide the relatively small amount of funding needed to implement the training across Kentucky.