Big Ass Fans Helps Apes Beat The Heat

Sep 3, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Lexington-based Big Ass Fans has announced a major charitable donation, but the beneficiaries aren't human.

The company that manufactures industrial fans has donated several of its products to an animal sanctuary in Florida. Patti Rattigan, director of the Center for Great Apes, says the gift will help the center's animals keep cool.

"This wonderful gift of the Big Ass Fans, both the yellowjackets and the other ones going inside the night houses is a huge help to us in keeping our apes healthy and cool this summer.  It’s really a significant gift and we’re so grateful to Big Ass Fans for helping us take care of these apes with this great donation," she says.

The center houses both chimpanzees and orangutans, including Michael Jackson's former pet, Bubbles.

The total value of the fans is approximately $16,000.