Bevin Appoints Supporter To Board Hearing Complaint Against Him

Jul 15, 2017

Gov. Matt Bevin has named one of his supporters to an ethics board expected to hear complaints alleging he bought a home at a below-market rate from another political appointee.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin
Credit Josh James

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports the appointment of Owensboro lawyer Kenneth Timothy Kline gives the Republican governor a majority of appointees on Executive Branch Ethics Commission. Kline gave $200 to Bevin's gubernatorial campaign.

The commission is scheduled Monday to consider whether to investigate complaints against Bevin regarding a house and 10 acres in suburban Louisville that he bought for $1.6 million.

Jefferson County's property valuation administrator says the house and 19-acre tract, of which Bevin owns 10 acres, is worth $2,974,000.

Bevin says the PVA didn't take into account the land he bought wasn't the most valuable of the 19 acres and that the house is old.