Beshear Touts ACA On National TV & During DC Speech

Oct 3, 2013

Gov. Beshear says he is proud that Kentucky is the only southern state to create its own health benefits exchange, predicting that others will follow.

On Thursday Beshear hopped aboard the CSPAN Bus, which was making its way through Frankfort for a nationally televised interview.

"We are one of the worst states in terms of health statistics and we weren't just that this year or last year.  We've been that way since they started keeping statistics and keeping rankings.  This gives us a chance to transform our people from an unhealthy state, to a healthy population and workforce," Beshear said.

That same afternoon the governor traveled to Washington D.C. to deliver the keynote address at the Countdown To Transformation: A Roadmap to Healthcare’s Next Era event, sponsored by the National Journal, where he took on critics of the Affordable Care Act.

"As for the naysayers, I'm personally offended by their partisan gamesmanship as they continue to pour time, money, and energy into either overturning or de-funding the Affordable Care Act.  It's shameful that these critics haven't invested that same level of energy into trying to improve the health of our citizens."

During a question and answer session the moderator raised the fact that 26 states have embraced Obamacare while the remainder are doing nothing to advance it. 

Beshear predicted that citizens in those states will eventually put pressure on their lawmakers when they see how successful the ACA was implemented in states like Kentucky.