Beshear Taps Abramson For Re-election Bid

Frankfort, KY – Mayor Abramson says he never gave any thought to running for lieutenant governor, but when Gov. Beshear called, he had to give the job some serious thought. "This was a real special opportunity to work with a man of great integrity, with outstanding leadership and vision, and I wanted to be part of that."

Announcing their team in Frankfort, Gov. Beshear called Abramson a trusted friend and proven leader who can hit the ground running. "To me there is only one real test for a lieutenant governor nominee - is he or she qualified to be governor? And Jerry Abramson easily passes that test."

The governor needs a new running mate because current Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo is running for the U-S Senate seat now held by Sen. Jim Bunning.