Beshear: Reinvesting In Education May Require Cuts Elsewhere

Dec 17, 2013

Gov. Steve Beshear says he wants to pump more money into education and is willing to make budget cuts elsewhere to free up the money.

The governor also says he'll urge lawmakers to consider expanded gambling and estate tax overhaul in the General Assembly session that begins in January. But he won't include any assumed revenue from gambling or tax changes in the budget plan he presents to lawmakers.

"We're going to find a way to make something work here in spite of some short revenues that we have. We're going to have some deficits and we're going to have to make some cuts, but I'm determined also to try to reinvest in education as much as we can. And if that means cutting something else, then that's probably what we'll have to do," Beshear told reporters at the Capitol Tuesday.

He says the state risks losing its progress in education unless it reinvests money in schools.

Beshear didn't mention any specifics about possible budget cuts but said "everything is on the table."