Beshear: I Wouldn't Have "Any Problem" With Switching To Kynect Coverage

Dec 19, 2013

Gov. Steve Beshear is reacting to a bill that would require that he, his cabinet, and the General Assembly get insurance through the state exchange.

Beshear has been a vocal proponent of the Affordable Care Act since the opening of Kentucky's health exchange in October. Now, State Rep. Robert Benvenuti says he’s putting the governor's enthusiasm to the test by submitting a bill that would mandate that the governor and legislators get their insurance through the exchange.

"In fact, I shouldn't have had to file this bill. I would have been hopeful that folks who believe this is what is best for Kentuckians - they should have been the first ones in the pool," Benvenuti told WDRB-TV in Louisville.

This week, the governor shot back during an interview with the press, saying, "The coverage we would receive under the Affordable Care Act is same kind of coverage state employees would receive under the Affordable Care Act, very similar."

Still, reporters pressed Beshear on whether he would agree to switch to insurance provided through Kynect.

"I wouldn't have any problem with that, but Rep. Benvenuti couldn't get his own Republicans to do that, so you know he's just playing a game right now," Beshear said.

For his part, Benvenuti is sticking to his guns. He argues that thousands of Kentuckians have seen their previous policies canceled under the ACA and the exchange should have been to a vote before being implemented.