Berea Mayor's Salary Could Double

BEREA, Ky. -- – A small central Kentucky city could soon double its mayor's salary. The Berea city council will consider an ordinance proposal Tuesday that would increase the mayor's salary from $12,000 dollars to $24,000 dollars a year.

But Berea Mayor Steve Connelly says the boost in pay is unnecessary.

"Even though we're a mayor-council form of government, Berea employs a professional city administrator who performs the day to day functions of the city, thus allowing a mayor who has a full-time job to perform mayoral duties in his or her free time."

If approved by the council, the salary change would not take effect until next year, after this fall's mayoral election.

Connelly says the position of a part-time mayor should be considered public service rather than employment. He's urging Berea council members to vote against the salary proposal at its April 6 meeting.