BBB Issues Scam Alert

Mar 27, 2014

Con-artists have found another way to rip-off unsuspecting victims, costing some Central Kentuckians hundreds of dollars.

Heather Clary with the Better Business Bureau tells WUKY a new telephone scam has been making rounds across the United States and has now targeted victims here in Lexington.

“People are basically contacted by phone with someone claiming to be with the warrant division of your local sheriff’s department or your local police and try to tell you, you have missed jury duty.  What they want you to do is pay a fine for this.”  Clary said that’s what happened to a woman who contacted us at the Better Business Bureau.  “She was told if she paid a $500 dollar fine over the telephone, she could have the opportunity to recover that after appearing before a judge next month.”

Victims were told to put 499 on a Greendot Money Pak Card which is similar to a pre-paid credit card.  The scammer called back and asked for the numbers on the card and immediately withdrew all the money.   In a similar scam, the caller claims to be an employee working for the IRS and tells their victim that fines must be paid immediately or police will be sent to arrest them.  Clary said courts, law enforcement officials and the IRS do not call people on the phone to warn of court charges and demand payment of fines.