Barr Talks Medicare Reform While Visiting Senior Group

Aug 15, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Medicare reform was the topic of choice for Republican Congressional candidate Andy Barr when the Sixth District hopeful visited with senior citizens at the Lafayette Assisted Living Center in Lexington Wednesday. 

Barr, who is challenging incumbent Democrat Ben Chandler, said that he doesn’t want to end Medicare, but is proposing bold action in order to save it.

"I support a bipartisan plan that has been proposed by Paul Ryan, the Congressman who has now been selected as the Vice-Presidential Candidate with Mitt Romney....I support a plan that would strengthen and save Medicare."

Under that plan Barr says Medicare would be left untouched for those 55 and older, but would become a voucher program for future enrollees.  The plan was part of a larger health-care agenda, including repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Lexington resident Art Gundry sounded skeptical.

"I agree with him, there are many problems to be solved.  I don't know if eliminating the Obama Program is the answer or not, and I sure don't understand all of the problems that are involved.  I do know that there are a lot of corrections and improvements that can be made....but I do not know whether the Democrats or the Republicans are willing to do it."

Democrats have characterized the Ryan plan as a radical top-down approach to deficit reduction that would wreak havoc on vulnerable populations.