Barr Pledges Accessibility, Chandler Leaves Political Future Open

Nov 7, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Kentucky’s 6th District Congressional Representative Ben Chandler failed to fend off a second challenge from GOP opponent Andy Barr Tuesday night.

"This time, the people have spoken and it's clear what they said," Andy Barr announced during his victory speech, alluding to the race he lost by fewer than 700 votes in 2010. The Lexington attorney won over 50 percent of the vote this time, while Ben Chandler earned close to 47 percent. Independent Randolph Vance grabbed just under 3 percent of the vote. Chandler blamed his loss, in part, on the candidate at the top of the ticket.

"The Barr campaign did an excellent job strategically of attaching me to the president. Just about every ad they ran attached me to the president and the president is clearly unpopular in Central Kentucky, with the exception of Fayette County," Chandler said.

The race was hard fought, with both sides accusing each other of lying in TV ads and on the stump. Chandler, who has been rumored as a possible gubernatorial candidate in 2015, refused to rule out another run for office. Barr pledged in his speech Tuesday to work across the aisle and complimented Chandler on his service to the district.