Barr Campaign Asks For Recanvass

Frankfort, KY – Tuesday night, Democratic Congressman Ben Chandler declared victory over Republican challenger Andy Barr, but because the race was so close, Barr refused to concede. Only 644 votes separate the men. Now, Barr wants a recanvass, or second check, of all votes cast in the 16-county district.

"You take the cartridges from the voting machine. Take them back to that central tabulation system. Put the cartridge in that system and it aggregates the totals for the entire county."

Les Fugate of the Secretary of State's office says the recanvass will be conducted on Friday, November 12th. That's also the deadline for Barr to seek a recount of all votes.

"A recount is literally defined by a judge. He sets all the parameters. We've only had four recounts in Kentucky that I'm aware of, mainly because we haven't had paper ballots in Kentucky for a very long time."

Recounts, which must be funded by the requesting candidate's campaign, can be lengthy and expensive. More than 239-thousand votes were cast in the district, which covers 16 central Kentucky counties.