Ban Fails To Deter Some From Setting Off Fireworks

Jul 5, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A ban on common consumer fireworks didn’t stop some residents from lighting a few fuses Wednesday night. By the end of the evening, Lexington police had received 608 complaints about the use of fireworks.

"We've always dealt with fireworks calls, so this is nothing new. This simply upped the ante, if you will," says spokesperson for the Lexington Police Department Sherelle Roberts.

Roberts says 21 citations were issued. If that seems low, Roberts says violations of this sort are difficult to cite.

"This is a situation where we need to observe the violation happening and in the majority of the cases... by the time the officer arrives on scene the violator and the violation is no longer an issue," she says.

Firefighters responded to three house fires and a dozen or so grass and dumpster fires. No serious injuries have been reported.