Bad Prison Food Not To Blame For Northpoint Riot

Frankfort, KY – On August 18th, a modified lockdown and controlled movement schedule were ordered at Northpoint Training Center near Danville. The lockdown followed a fight involving weapons between a group of Hispanic inmates and two other inmates. A search for weapons followed.

On August 21st the lockdown was re-evaluated and continued. That day, several inmates dumped their food trays on the floor. By six-thirty that night, a fire alarm in a dorm signaled the start of what would become a full-scale riot that left six prison buildings destroyed by fire and eight inmates and staff with minor injuries. There were no escapes.

A four-member Critical Incident Review Team is blaming the lockdown and controlled movements for the riot, and says complaints about food "were not a primary factor."

The investigators interviewed 71 staff members and 120 inmates before reaching their conclusions and made 12 recommendations for improvement.