Attorney General Conway Announces Post-Election Audit

Jun 1, 2012

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Six Kentucky counties will be receiving extra scrutiny following the primary election this year. 

As required by Kentucky law, the Attorney General’s office must draw six county names at random. Now, as spokesperson for the Attorney General’s office Allison Martin says, the real work begins.

"Now that the names are drawn, employees from the office of the Attorney General, our special prosecution attorneys, and also our investigators from the Department of Criminal Investigations will go out to these counties, do routines canvasses, check the voting machines, check the voter roles, check the absentee ballots to make sure there weren't any irregularities on Election Day," she says. 

The six counties selected this year were Morgan, Meade, Marion, Rowan, Mason, and Clinton. This year, the office’s Election Fraud Hotline received 31 calls, all of which are currently being reviewed.