Anti-Violence Campaign Works To "Take Back The Night"

Mar 26, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Several community groups will once again gather Wednesday night for a march and rally known as “Take Back the Night.”

The event is designed to raise awareness about sexual abuse and violence in the community. Melanie Matson with UK’s Violence Intervention and Prevention Center says participants are encouraged to be more than bystanders.

"A very special part of Take Back the Night is a speak out and candlelight vigil in which we open up the microphone and allow people to share stories about how violence has impacted their lives or about how they would like to see a change in the community," Matson says.

The march will take participants by Third Street Stuff, the UK campus, and Thoroughbred Park. The event is also set to include speakers and performances by local artists and actors. More information is available at