Anti-Apartheid Activist To Speak At UK

Apr 18, 2014

An anti-apartheid activist who was jailed along with Nelson Mandela will deliver a lecture on the late South African leader Monday at UK.

Denis Goldberg was tried and convicted for trying to overthrow the apartheid regime in South Africa in 1964. After his release, he traveled the world organizing international opposition to apartheid, becoming an advocate and spokesperson for the African National Congress.

"He was so reviled and we were reviled for fighting against this awful oppression and denial of human dignity, of racism by law, and now people forget. They think that freedom just falls from the trees and that Nelson Mandela alone brought freedom," Goldberg told an audience at the City of Glasgow College in 2011.

Goldberg's talk will trace his life as a part of the anti-apartheid struggle, which is also detailed in his recent autobiography "The Mission: A Life for Freedom in South Africa.”

The event begins at 3 p.m. in the WT Young Library.