A.G.'s Office Says Cumberland City Violated Open Meetings Law

Frankfort, KY – Cumberland City Councilman Carl Hatfield alleges Mayor Loretta Cornett and four council members met in January without notifying him, the media or the public. As proof, he has a letter from a representative of HMB Professional Engineers thanking council members for meeting with him.

After Hatfield sought a complete record of the meeting, and the city never replied, Hatfield appealed to the attorney general's office. The city attorney says four council members did drop by City Hall during the engineer's presentation, but there was no meeting, no minutes, no quorum and no public business conducted. Therefore, he says, there was no violation of the Open Meetings Act.

The AG's office disagrees, noting the Act specifically prohibits a quorum of public officials from discussing public business in private or in number less than a quorum for the express purpose of avoiding requirements of the Act.