Abramson, Lawmakers React To The Death Of Beshear's Chief Of Staff

Aug 13, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - State officials are remembering Mike Haydon, Governor Steve Beshear’s chief of staff, who died of an apparent heart attack Sunday. Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson and State House Majority Leader Rocky Adkins spoke Monday about the long time public servant.

The reaction in Frankfort has been one of shock. Governor Beshear said in a statement he and his wife are devastated by the loss. Haydon, 62, had served in state and local government for over three decades in various capacities and earned the respect of colleagues on both sides of the aisle. Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson took the governor’s place at the podium during a press conference Monday. He said Haydon was a key link for state legislators.

"He was the go-to guy when they needed something done or they wanted to know how a project was moving forward. He was always there -- for Democrats, for Republicans. He was there for Kentucky. And that's why it was just so shocking to hear that he had had this massive heart attack and we lost him," Abramson said.

Abramson went on to call Haydon a “major part” of the Beshear administration whose absence will be keenly felt. The Lt. Governor said he would not be surprised if Haydon’s long list of duties is delegated to more than one person in the days ahead. 

House Majority Leader Rocky Adkins echoed Abramson's comments, calling Haydon a problem solver who was an expert at bringing people together for a common purpose. Akinds also credited the former Springfield mayor with moving legislation through the House and Senate during his tenure.

Haydon died of an apparent heart attack on Sunday.