AARP Hosts Discussion on Future of Social Security

Sep 6, 2012

LEXINGTON, KY- Some Lexington seniors voiced their opinions about Social Security and its fiscal future at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Thursday morning.

The event was part of AARP’s national You’ve Earned a Say campaign, a series of public discussions on Medicare and Social Security.  It served both as a chance to discuss various reform proposals and an opportunity for Lexington seniors to learn about how social security works. A variety of proposed reforms were brought up, but as AARP Kentucky’s Charlotte Whitaker says, none are straightforward. 

"Some think to raise the retirement age.  You know I’ve retired five years ago but I could have probably worked a while longer, so that’s a possible solution.  Then you have folks like my husband that’s a heart patient that probably couldn’t have worked much past 62." 

Retired Social Security Administration employee Chartorn Renfro, who was in the audience, was surprised by some of the misconceptions expressed at the meeting.

“There needs to be more of an education to let people know exactly what are the programs (retirement, survivors, disability), the requirements of those, so that there aren’t some of these things that are talked about like there were today, some very poor misconceptions of the program.”

The event also served as a forum for seniors to voice their opinions about the social security system, its faults, and how to preserve it for future generations.  Over 130 people were in attendance.