33,000 Affected By Urban County Council Redistricting

Jan 31, 2012

Lexington, KY – Though it may not have generated the political heat that accompanied state congressional redistricting, the redrawing of Urban County Council districts will also leave many in Lexington with new representation. Every ten years, council districts are redrawn to reflect shifts in population. This year's changes will affect about 33-thousand residents.

Emma Tibbs, who chaired the 2011 Redistricting Committee, says, "In a combination of [Districts] 2 and 12, we moved a little over 15,000 people. Those were our major growth areas ten years ago in that redistricting and we expected a lot of growth and that's what occurred."

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that each of the 12 council districts had residents added or removed as part of the plan. Tibbs says the goal of redistricting was to even out the populations, creating a median number of close to 25-thousand in each district.