29 Arrests Made Following Championship Game

Apr 8, 2014

Lexington police are calling post-game law enforcement efforts a success, despite an uptick in arrests compared with Saturday.

While a loss for UK and less-than-ideal weather no doubt put a damper on gatherings Monday night, Police Chief Ronnie Bastin says a relatively small group of fans did wind up in the back of squad cars. In all, 29 arrests were made.

"Most of the charges included alcohol intoxication and disorderly conduct. No property was seriously damaged or destroyed and no persons were critically injured," he reports.

Still, more arrests could be forthcoming as police examine the video and images taken Monday night. 19 couch fires were set in addition to 18 trash fires. Officials say a small fire reported in a house on State Street may also have been connected to the celebrations.

Overall, Bastin characterizes his department's response as reasonable and restrained. 

"I want to say how much I appreciate who they are and what they stand for because there are agencies across the country that maybe wouldn't have reacted the way our folks did," he says.

Police, fire, and other officials will meet tomorrow to review Monday night’s efforts and look for ways to improve their response.