140 Movers & Shakers Saluted, Encouraged As Community Connectors

Jun 12, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky.  -  United Way, AARP, and a number of other area organizations are coming together to do more than talk about community issues.  Phase one of the program is to identify people who are widely considered to be the real “doers” or unsung heroes of action in Central Kentucky.  140 such individuals were saluted at a luncheon at the Marriott Griffin Gate Resort on Tuesday.

United Way spokesman David Kitchen says the program works off the notion that people tackle problems and solve issues more effectively when they are familiar with the person across the table.

“The Bluegrass Community Connectors Project seeks to identify people who are the ones in the community who really roll up their sleeves and get things done.  A lot of those folks fly under the radar and so today was sort of the culmination of many months of trying to identify who these folks were, bring them all together, and recognize them, but also let them connect to one another so that they can get to know each other and work on passions together.”

Kitchen says the Bluegrass Community Connectors Program is really all about grass roots networking.

“What we see in a project like this…if you can find the right people who are the people who really get things done in a community, and if you get those folks together, you can create a lot of synergy and what may take ten years to get done, you may be able to do in a couple of years.”

Team members also participated in small group discussions where a number of common issues kept coming up; among them education, financial stability, neighborhood safety, and the welfare of children.