13th District Senate Hopefuls To Square Off In Second Forum

Dec 2, 2013

13th District State Senate candidates have turned to attacks in recent days, but little of that was on display at a forum held Sunday.

On the campaign trail, Republican Michael Johnson, Democrat Reginald Thomas, and Independent Richard Moloney have all touted the benefits of cooperation in a time when members of all parties worry about a public that’s tired of partisan gridlock. Thomas and Moloney, who have traded barbs toward the end of the campaign, have stressed their ability to reach across the aisle.

"I think people are tired of seeing... elected officials who are being elected to do a job not do that job," Thomas told Patrice Muhammad on WUKY's Key Conversations.

Richard Moloney launched his campaign with a similar call for bipartisanship. "It is times like these that we need a senator who can bridge the partisan divide and work with members of both sides of the political aisle," Moloney said at his official campaign kickoff.

But when it comes to the issues, the bigger split is still between the two major parties. Johnson, who also appeared on WUKY’s Key Conversations, discussed his reasons for switching to the GOP.

"I believe in creating jobs. I don't want to depend on government to sit up here, to take care of my family, and so when I started looking at those types of values, that value led me to the party which I switched to," he said.

During the forum Sunday, Johnson also advocated for “stand your ground” laws. Thomas and Moloney argued that the controversial measure should go or be amended.

The second forum is scheduled for tonight at 7 PM at Woodland Christian Church.