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Dr. Greg Davis is a forensic pathologist with UK HealthCare. Every week, Davis speaks with local health providers, professionals, and researchers on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine.

This week on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine the host talks with Dr. Terry Bunn, director of the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center, about the state's first-ever Kentucky Drug Overdose Fatality Surveillance System Report.  Researchers compile data from multiple resources to help identify new and emerging trends in drug overdose deaths in the Commonwealth.

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This week on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine the host talks with native Lexingtonian, Tara Loyd, co-executive director of PIVOT, an organization that is breaking cycles of poverty and disease.  Right now the public health group is engaged in fighting plague in Madagascar.

This week Dr. Greg talks with Mary Ferlan, volunteer chairperson of the upcoming Free To Breathe 5K event happening in Lexington this Sunday at Coldstream Park.  It is the only fundraiser in the state specifically for lung cancer research.   Kentucky ranks number one in the country for incidents and death rates of lung cancer.

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This week on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine the host talks with Kurt Andersen, host and co-creator of the public radio program Studio 360.  Andersen's new book "Fantasyland - How America Went Haywire: A 500 Year History" illustrates how believing in false narratives - particularly when it comes to dubious health and scientific claims, can be injurious to ourselves and the world around us.

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Dr. Greg talks with Dr. Douglas Mata, a third year resident physician in pathology at the Brigham and Women's and Harvard Medical School about a study he and his team performed looking at the incidence and prevalence of depression in house officers; these are resident physicians who have their medical degree and are now training to become specialists.  The study found that nearly 30% reported having depression or depressive symptoms.

This week Dr. Greg talks with Dr. Michael Johansson, a biologist and researcher with the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, about vector-borne diseases and how to avoid them.

This week on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine the host talks with Dr. Suzanne Segerstrom, professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky.  Dr. Segerstrom has recently been awarded a National Institute on Aging grant to study the effects of stress on the immune system in older adults.  The answers could hold hope for  individuals and families dealing with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

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This week Dr. Greg talks with Dr. Fran Hardin and Dr. Lee Anne Walmsley of the UK College of Nursing about their 24 month Med Vet option, in which service veterans with medical experience are getting credit for that experience when going to nursing school.

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Dr. Greg talks with Dr. Tim Yost, co-director of PT Pros in Harlan and a UK College of Health Sciences alumnus, who has come up with an experiential learning program where physical therapy doctoral students spend time in deep coal mines to understand the physical challenges and potential injuries miners face in the course of their work.

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In this week's Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine segment the host speaks with John Mustaine of the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana's Operation Outreach which recently held a Battle Brain FX Symposium addressing military veterans and traumatic brain injury.