Bobby Ray

Crossroads Radio Host

Bobby Ray started in radio across the UK campus at the student-run radio station WRFL back in the summer of 1992. The show he inherited there was called “Lowdown Blues” but was renamed “Hitchhiker Blues” shortly thereafter, a name meant to signify the freedom to travel, to stretch boundaries of what is normally called “Blues.” In 1995, then WUKY Program Director Curt Mathies brought Bobby & “Hitchhiker Blues” over to FM 91.3.

While “Hitchhiker Blues” moved across campus, Bobby also remained at WRFL until 2002, co-hosting the Americana / Country-oriented show “The Hot Burrito Show” and serving as the station’s Americana Director. He only left WRFL when he quit his day job as the booking manager at the now defunct (and somewhat legendary) Lynagh’s Music Club (1995-2002) to go on the road as the tour manager of the Colorado-based Yonder Mountain String Band, which he did from 2002 to 2007. Since then, Bobby has worked in music retail, further diversifying his perspective of the music industry – as a radio person, a live music venue manager, and a tour manager.

Inspired by musical heroes like Miles Davis who seemed to be open to anything, Bobby’s listening habits continue to expand and include Blues, Jazz, Americana, Country, Rock & Roll, Bluegrass, Celtic, R&B, Soul, Classical, and World music from many different locales. And since there are few things Bobby enjoys more than discovering music and sharing that with others, Crossroads Radio has a palette that also continues to expand!

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