Louisville, KY – The bishops want Governor Beshear to commute Marco Chapman's sentence to lifetime imprisonment. Chapman pleaded guilty to murdering two children in northern Kentucky in 2004. He has a history of drug abuse and attempted suicide and requested he be put to death for the crime.

Catholic Conference of Kentucky Interim Director Reverend Patrick Delahanty says Chapman is unfit to make such a decision.

Louisville, KKY – On Wednesday, army experts will begin destroying the chemical agents inside one of the depot's leakiest containers and two similar containers. Army experts will work through the winter and expect to complete the job in February. Chemical Weapons Working Group head Craig Williams says that in August 2007, one of these containers sprang its biggest leak ever.

Lexington, KY – In this segment, Al Cross, Director of UK's Center For Rural Journalism and Community Issues analyzes some key exit polling data as it relates to the Presidential Race in KY.

Lexington, KY – In the first of a three part series, Al Cross, the Director of UK's Center For Rural Journalism and Community Issues discusses the road ahead for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Lexington, KY – For two decades the Barnstable Brown Derby Eve Charity Gala in Louisville has benefited diabetes research. For the next three years, UK officials and the Barnstable Brown family say the new center will be the party's sole beneficiary. UK executive vice president for health affairs Dr. Michael Karpf says the university will now be able to do even more cutting edge research on a persistent Kentucky health issue.

NPR commentator Bailey White weighs in on writing, Georgia, Vermont, and the Presidential election

Bailey White has entertained NPR listeners for over a decade. She talks to tonic about that and much more.