Governor Orders Cuts To Cover Financial Gap

Dec 29, 2017
Associated Press

Gov. Matt Bevin has ordered budget cuts of 1.3 percent this fiscal year to meet a shortfall. The Consensus Forecasting Group earlier this month revised the estimate of tax receipts this fiscal year and projected that General Fund revenues will be $156 million less than previously budgeted.

Controversial Billboard Goes Up In Kentucky

Dec 29, 2017

An anti-circumcision group has erected its first billboard in the United States in Kentucky. Texas-based nonprofit Your Whole Baby is behind a billboard that went up Dec. 14 in Owensboro, reading: "Circumcision harms. Bring your whole baby home." A local, anonymous donor provided a year's worth of funding for the sign, which will move to different parts of the city.

The Office of Homelessness Prevention & Intervention Weather Plan has been activated due to the forecast of extreme cold temperatures in Lexington. This plan will remain in effect through Jan. 2, 2018. The plan is activated anytime the temperature is expected to fall below 32 degrees so that people experiencing homelessness in Lexington have warm, secure shelter.

Conn Will Be Back In Federal Court

Dec 28, 2017

Eric C. Conn, the former lawyer who went on the lamb this past summer after pleading guilty to social security fraud is due back in federal court Thursday for a bond revocation hearing.

Lexington Shelter Needs Your Help

Dec 28, 2017

The Hope Center has helped 1,483 people at the Emergency Shelter in the last seven days. They are in desperate need of thermal underwear, regular underwear, hats, gloves and other winter clothing. Items can be dropped off at the shelter at 360 W. Loudon Ave.

Kentucky Ampitheater Closes Amid Safety Issues

Dec 28, 2017

Kentucky parks officials say an amphitheater that has hosted an outdoor musical — "The Stephen Foster Story" — for decades has been closed due to electrical and structural issues. The Department of Parks says a recent inspection determined the stage area of J. Dan Talbott Amphitheatre is not safe for employees or guests.

Kentucky remains the 26th largest state by population, based on newly released census data that shows an increase in residents of 0.4 percent from last year.

Trumps Kentucky Base Still Strong

Dec 27, 2017
Associated Press

The regulars amble in before dawn and claim their usual table, the one next to an old box television playing the news on mute.

Officials Say Flu Activity Widespread In Kentucky

Dec 22, 2017
Kentucky Department For Public Health

The Department for Public Health says flu activity in Kentucky is now considered widespread.

Kentucky Governor Says State Budget 'Won't Be Pretty'

Dec 21, 2017
Associated Press

Kentucky's GOP governor says the state's first two-year spending plan crafted by Republicans in state history won't be pretty.