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Some state workers are refusing to cooperate with an investigation of a secret sexual harassment settlement involving four Republican lawmakers.

Some Stores Will Be Open Thanksgiving Day

Nov 22, 2017
Associated Press

It never fails, you’re preparing that holiday feast and you’re short a cup of flour for that pie crust or someone went behind your back and tasted too many helpings of the side-dish you made ahead of time. Here's a list of the grocery stores that are going to be there for you on Thanksgiving Day.

Most Lexington Kroger stores will be open until 5:00pm

Whole Foods: 7:00am to 4:00pm

Lucky’s Market: 8:00am to 4:00pm

Meijer and Walmart are open all day.

CLOSED: Aldi, Costco, Fresh Market, Sam’s Club and Trader Joe’s

Kentucky Officials Declare Hepatitis Outbreak

Nov 22, 2017
Rama, wikimedia commons

Kentucky health officials say they are seeing a dramatic rise in hepatitis A cases compared to recent years.

Bevin Says Lawmakers In Harassment Settlement Should Quit

Nov 22, 2017
Associated Press

Kentucky's Republican governor has called on the state's former GOP House speaker to give up his seat in the legislature after privately settling a sexual harassment claim brought by a member of his staff.

Arts Programs Gaining Foothold In Kentucky Drug Courts

Nov 21, 2017
Joanna Hay Productions

Drug Courts are designed to take a public health approach to help defendants break the cycle of addiction and stay out of jail.  They include a substance abuse program supervised by a judge.  Drug courts currently operate in 113 Kentucky Counties and to graduate from the program is a huge accomplishment as it can take upwards of 3 years to complete the process.  Sadly some participants experience setbacks along the way; with tragic consequences.  WUKY’s Alan Lytle introduces us to a woman who has used the pain of personal loss to help others on their path to healing and wholeness.

Kentucky Democratic Party

The recently elected chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party says he believes the party’s recent electoral victories in other states can translate to wins in the solidly-red commonwealth.

Josh James

WUKY's Alan Lytle and Lane Report Executive Editor Mark Green talk in depth about Lexington's bid to surpass Chattanooga, Tennessee as the largest gigabit city in the country, and what that might mean for the local business community.

Opioid Epidemic Costs At $500 Billion

Nov 20, 2017

The White House says the true cost of the opioid drug epidemic in 2015 was $504 billion, or roughly half a trillion dollars.

Postal Worker Assaults Boy Who Tried To Stop Theft

Nov 20, 2017
Associated Press

Authorities say a postal worker in Kentucky assaulted a boy who was trying to stop a package theft.

Kentucky Gov Still Plans For Special Legislative Session

Nov 17, 2017
Associated Press

Kentucky's Republican governor said he still plans to call a special session of the state legislature to make changes to the state's troubled public pension system.