Rupp Renovations Include Club Areas, Chair-Back Seating

May 25, 2018
UK Athletics

Rupp Arena's next round of renovations will allow more fans to enjoy Kentucky basketball in comfortable chair-back seats, or mingle in club areas being added for the first time to the famed venue. Upper-level chair-back seating and new club areas will be coming to the downtown Lexington arena starting with the 2019-2020 season, University of Kentucky officials announced Friday.

Jobless Rates Fall Across The State

May 25, 2018

State officials say unemployment rates fell in all 120 Kentucky counties between April 2017 and April 2018.

Theatre Will Re-Open In Prestonsburg

May 25, 2018
Jenny Wiley State Resort Park

The Kentucky Tourism Cabinet says repairs on the Jenny Wiley Amphitheater in eastern Kentucky have been completed.

CDC/Betty Partin

The Kentucky Department of Public Health is handing out 10,000 hepatitis A vaccinations to the 10 counties hardest hit by the multi-state outbreak.

Kentucky Attorney Reaches Deal On Fraud, Escape Charges

May 24, 2018
AP Photo/Matt Goins

A Kentucky attorney who fled the country to avoid prison before being captured has reached a deal with federal prosecutors to resolve his escape and fraud charges.


Ninety percent of the people living in Corinth are without running water, and their taps have been dry since last Saturday.

Dairy Farmers In Kentucky Struggle With Shifting Market

May 23, 2018
AP Photo/Patti Longmire

Nearly 20 farmers in Kentucky have been told that their milk procurement contracts with Dean Foods are expiring this summer.

AP Photo/Adam Beam

The campaign manager for Sixth District Democratic primary winner Amy McGrath says her decisive showing at the ballot box Tuesday shows there's a continuing hunger for non-traditional candidates who sidestep the standard political channels.

UK Now

This week on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine the host talks with Nina Martin, a reporter with ProPublica, which has been working with NPR on "Lost Mothers," a series of reports on infant and maternal mortality.

Teachers Show Strength In Kentucky Primary Elections

May 23, 2018
AP Photo/Wade Payne

Teachers in Kentucky could soon be taking politicians to school. Following weeks of protests at the state Capitol, Republican voters in central Kentucky ousted House Majority Floor Leader Jonathan Shell on Tuesday in favor of Travis Brenda, a high school math teacher who has never run for public office.