flu shot http://wuky.org en Flu Activity Now 'Widespread' Across Kentucky http://wuky.org/post/flu-activity-now-widespread-across-kentucky <p>Kentucky health officials are reporting widespread flu activity in the state and say it's not too late to be vaccinated against the disease. Wed, 08 Jan 2014 17:29:16 +0000 Associated Press & Alan Lytle 42925 at http://wuky.org Flu Activity Now 'Widespread' Across Kentucky First Case of Flu in Fayette County http://wuky.org/post/first-case-flu-fayette-county <p>LEXINGTON, Ky. - Just in time for National Influenza Vaccination Week comes word of the first flu case in our area.&nbsp; Public health nurse manager at the Fayette County health department, Lois Davis, says if you’ve been putting it off- it’s time to get that flu shot.</p><p>“We had 143 confirmed cases last year.&nbsp; Now usually on most years the flu season peaks in January or February, so um this a little later than usual to have our first confirmed case, but maybe that means more people are getting their flu shots,” Davis says.</p> Mon, 03 Dec 2012 16:40:34 +0000 Sarah Pickerel 24245 at http://wuky.org First Case of Flu in Fayette County