WKNO-FM: Bradley George http://wuky.org en Eddie George Trades Touchdowns For Togas http://wuky.org/post/eddie-george-trades-touchdowns-togas Jim Brown, Dennis Rodman and O.J. Simpson are all former professional athletes who've tried their hand at acting. Showbiz might seem like a natural path for guys with big egos and million-watt personalities, but Eddie George is a former NFL player who's taken a different path to the limelight.<p>He's joining a fraternity of actors that includes Charlton Heston in playing William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.<p>The scene where Marcus Brutus kills Caesar is probably the most famous death scene in all of theater. Fri, 13 Jan 2012 17:57:00 +0000 WKNO-FM: Bradley George 4202 at http://wuky.org Eddie George Trades Touchdowns For Togas